CS-Law Junior Job Market Profiles

Posted November 28, 2022; updated December 7, 2022.
by Aloni Cohen and Jason Hartline

This is the first annual collection of profiles of junior faculty job market candidates who identify as part of the budding CS+Law community. These profiles include a research summary, brief biography, and representative papers. This initiative is modeled very closely after that of the CS-Econ community (e.g., the 2023 edition).

Download the 2022 CS-Law Junior Job Market Profiles

Please share the URL of this page (https://www.cslawworkshop.org/CS-Law-Profiles) instead of forwarding the pdf in case there are additions. If you are a candidate and would like your profile to be added, send an email to Aloni Cohen (aloni@uchicago.edu) as soon as possible.